Egyptian oranges are globally-recognized as one of the tastiest and most nutritious thanks to Egypt's exceptional fertility and the year-round sunny climate. Besides their superior vitamin C content which boosts the immune system, oranges contain Flavonoids, that protects against heart disease; Pectin, that reduces cholesterol and Choline which significantly reduces chronic inflammation.

Navel : Early December -  End of January

Baladi : Early December -  End of January

Valencia: End of January - End of May

Premium: Large-size, smooth-skin and elegantly packaged. 

Class 1: Perfect skin, exceptional taste and wide ranges of sizes. 

Class 2: Intact taste but having slight cosmetic defects.

Telescopic carton boxes, open-top carton boxes and plastic Boxes. 15 kg/Box | 80 boxes per pallet | 24 Tons - 20 Plts per 40’ Container

Sizes (box count): :  36-40-48-56-64-72-80-88-100-113-125

BRIX Min 10 - Max 14

Acid Min 0.85 - Max 1.30 

Juice Content:  48%

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